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Keun Ho Ryu

Database / Bioinformatics Laboratory,
College of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, South Korea

Biomedical Text Mining: Experience and Pratical Approach


The fields of biomedical researches included biology and medicine has resulted in a sheer amount of published reports, and papers. Above all biomedical text mining has emerged as a vital research domain that has an impact in the project development of these research areas. Therefore, we describe not only the important basic tasks of process of biomedical text mining but also our research experience as a practical approach which has been done from Korean NIH in the field. First we review several main previous approaches as well as tools for biomedical text mining. Second we explain our experience to develop a biomedical text mining system named Pubcluster, along with a practical demonstration of the system. Afterwards, evaluation results showing the stability of the system will be presented. Finally, future directions of our research group will be discussed.


Keun Ho Ryu is a professor at Chungbuk National University and a leader of database and bioinformatics laboratory in Republic of Korea since 1986. He is also a vice president of Personalized Tumor Engineering Research Center. He received the Ph.D. in Computer Science/Engineering from Yonsei University in 1988 in Republic of Korea. His research interests are included in temporal databases, spatiotemporal database, temporal GIS, ubiquitous computing and stream data processing, knowledgebase information retrieval, database security, data mining, bioinformatics and biomedical. He has published over 1000 referred technical articles in various journals, international conferences, and books. He is a member of the IEEE as .well as a member of the ACM since 1983. Refer the website for more detail.